The 12 Days of The Borrowers

December 20, 2010

By Sarah Sexton, Manager of Institutional Giving

‘Tis the Season!

In my family, we have a tradition. When we’re all piled into the car around the holidays, we make up alternate lyrics to “The 12 Days of Christmas.”

Yup. We’re just that weird.

Most often, the alternate lyrics are focused around one of our favorite Christmas movies, A Very Brady Christmas. (If you haven’t seen it you should. There’s a “gift of the magi” moment when Carol and Mike are planning surprise trips to Japan and Greece for each other, Bobby’s secretly racing cars but pretending he’s at college, and Marsha’s husband is a disgruntled toy salesman named Wally. It’s worth several watches.)

So in honor of that tradition, I humbly offer…The 12 Days of The Borrowers.

On the twelfth day of The Borrowers, the Arden gave to me…

12 GIANT screwdrivers

11 Local school groups (many more than that- they’re here every Tues-Fri!)

10 Light and sound cues

9 Volunteer ushers (through our Family Usher Network!)

8 Spillers spilling (Just dreadful.)

7 Boots a’stomping

6 Worms a’squirming

5 A P A’s….! (actually, there are 6 and we LOVE them! Arden Professional Apprentices )

4 costume changes (It’s a boy? It’s a girl?)

3 Borrowers under the floorboards

2 puppeteers

and the actor from Mouse and Cookie…!

Happy Children’s Theatre!

If you think you can do better–and I know you can–post your “12 Days” below! (Or just one or two.)

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