Allen Radway’s Long Day’s Journey to Character Facial Hair – T. Stedman Harder’s Moustache

December 21, 2010
By Allen Radway, T. Stedman Harder in A Moon for the Misbegotten

What is it about a ‘stache that elicits such a polarizing reaction? What it seems to imply, what it reveals, what it conceals? I dunno. I’ve never been the best moustache farmer in my career nor have I ever worn one without any accompanying facial hair longer than five minutes. Why? Because I look downright creepy. Or sleazy. Or goofy. It’s open to interpretation. My wife will vouch for this. She’s rolling her eyes right now, and bracing herself for life with a swarthy push-broom on my upper lip for the next few months. Not what she had in mind when she said “I do” last June. Sorry, love. But…

I strongly believe that T. Stedman Harder’s moustache is the emotional core of the character, the source of his power and entitlement, and ultimately the center of his Standard Oil philosophy on life. James Lipton was quoted as saying “The moustache. It seems to be the very puissance of the antagonist in modern drama.” I have to agree, exalted one.

I’ve decided to document the rehearsal process of my moustache for all of you Arden true believers out there. For a laugh, for a lark, for your liking or loathing. Theatre is a many faceted thing. This picture catalogs a ten-day beard and my slacker mop-top just prior to hitting the East End Salon for Harder’s first haircut and trim.

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