Arden for All

With your support, every child can experience the joy of live theatre.

Arden for All (AFA) is the Arden’s in-school arts education residency program. AFA serves third through fifth grade classrooms in economically disadvantaged schools across the Philadelphia region, targeting student populations most affected by poverty, crime, unemployment, and high dropout rates. AFA offers in-classroom lessons taught by Arden Teaching Artists in partner classrooms built around state Core Curriculum and the themes of Arden Children’s Theatre, as well as tickets to two Arden Children’s Theatre productions followed by onsite lessons. 

AFA is based on the belief that arts-inspired education should be equally available to children from all socioeconomic backgrounds, and is designed to encourage literacy, inspire creativity and confidence, and allow students to discover their unique strengths and abilities.

Support Arden for All

A gift of $14 will cover the cost of a ticket for a child.

Through Arden for All, each participating student receives:

  • 10 Literacy-based lessons led by professional teaching artists: 8 in-classroom and 2 onsite at the Arden
  • Tickets to 2 Children’s Theatre productions followed by Q&A sessions with the actors
  • 2 show-related books and lesson workbooks for every students
  • Bus transportation
  • Supplementary curricula connecting the themes of the play to other subjects

As a direct result of AFA, by the end of the school year each participating students will spend 40 hours on literacy-related activities, receive 2 show-related books, participate 8 in-classroom lessons, and experience 2 Children’s Theatre productions.