Get to know Michael Hollinger and Robert Maggio

October 16, 2017

Get to know TouchTones authors Michael Hollinger and Robert Maggio in this short interview!

MICHAEL HOLLINGER (TouchTones Story, Book and Lyrics)

Hometown:  York, PA

Family?:  Married (since 1990) to actor/teacher/director Megan Bellwoar, with children Benjamin (21) and Willa (12).  Dad (in Virginia), brother (in Portland, OR), sister (in King of Prussia); Mom (died in 2006).  Grew up doing community theatre with Mom and Dad at York Little Theatre.

First musical you ever saw?:  Probably OKLAHOMA at Central High School.  Loved the lyric “One’s like snow – the other’s more like milk,” and Curley sitting on a hot stove.  Classic.

Favorite author?: Changes every couple of years…

I’m currently reading:  WAR AND PEACE (no, really!), LET ME CLEAR MY THROAT by Elana Passarello, THE CREATIVE HABIT by Twyla Tharp (my current bathroom book), and BEING MORTAL by Atul Gawande (the audiobook in my car).

When I’m not writing, I’m…:  Teaching playwrights, solo performers, and songwriters.

If you could be any character in fiction, whom would you be?: Godot.  (If I actually wanted to appear, I’d be an actor.)


ROBERT MAGGIO (TouchTones Story, Composer)

Hometown: North Branch, NJ

Family?: Married (since 1990) to artist and educator, Tony LaSalle; We have a 16-year-old daughter; I’m the youngest of four. I have two sisters (one in California, one in Pennsylvania), and one brother (Massachusetts).

First musical you ever saw? Jesus Christ Superstar (Original Broadway Production)

Favorite composer?: Nope. That’s like asking me which one friend I’d like to invite to a party!

I’m currently listening to: Everything all the time, but most recently I’ve been enjoying Lady Gaga’s “Joanne,” Perfume Genius’s “No Shape,” Broadway soundtracks, and classical music written by my fellow composer-friends.

When I’m not composing, I’m…teaching composers, performers and future music educators at West Chester University. And when I’m not doing that, I’m enjoying time with my family.

If you were instrument, which would you be?: A tennis racket. Seriously, I love playing tennis. OK, a piano – all those notes!


Story by Michael Hollinger & Robert Maggio
Book & lyrics by Michael Hollinger
Music by Robert Maggio
Directed by Emmanuelle Delpech

On the Arcadia Stage

A new musical comedy about love, sex, and the fantasy at the other end of the line…
It’s 1999, the cusp of a new millennium, and technology promises intimacy as well as anonymity. Christine and her fiancé Justin wander into this titillating world of role-play, secret delights, and shifting identities; but who will they be when they come out again? (And will they recognize themselves?)
Contains adult language and themes, including sexual situations.

Production Sponsor:

Fox Chase Bank Charitable Fund

Honorary Producers:

Opening Night Sponsor: Harmelin Media

Photo: Wide Eyed Studios

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