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Skill-building for students in 6th-12th Grades

Vocal Warm-Ups

This three-part TRAINER series focuses on vocal activities for healthy and clear sound production, be it for the stage actor or singer. Combined, these videos serve as a comprehensive vocal warm-up, giving the actor tools to prepare for any challenge a performance, audition, or class might present.


A 14-minute class with accompanying exercises, designed to clarify speech and energize vocal production, while gaining awareness of mobility in the face


Concepts Introduced:

  1. Voiced vs. Unvoiced
  2. Lip Trills and Raspberries
  3. Stop Plosives
  4. “She Stood Upon a Balustraded Balcony” Tongue Twister


Keep In Mind:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Breathe deep into a relaxed stomach
  • Don’t shy away from really making some sound

Practice Exercises for Articulation

An 8-minute articulation practice, featuring tongue twisters and a theatrical text application, designed to increase clear vocalization


Concepts Introduced:

  1. Plosive Tongue Twisters
  2. Fricative Tongue Twisters
  3. Tongue Twisters combining Plosives, Fricatives, and Consonants
  4. “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General” Textual Tongue Twister


Keep In Mind:

  • Stay hydrated, and remember to breathe
  • Try to speak as clearly as possible: Really chew on the words
  • Don’t be afraid to be loud or make funny faces


An 14-minute class with accompanying exercises, designed to stretch vocal and pitch range and teach healthy singing habits, while gaining awareness of resonance placement


Concepts Introduced:

  1. What is a vocalise?
  2. Pentatonic Scales
    1. “mmm”
    2. “ooo”
    3. “ah”
  3. Parallel Thirds on Alternating Vowels
  4. Nasal Resonance and Triads
  5. Warm Resonance and “Bella Singora”


Keep In Mind:

  • Have water at the ready
  • Breathe deeply and low into a relaxed belly
  • Challenge yourself, but listen to your body: Singing should never hurt or strain

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