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About The Writers’ Room

July 3, 2012

Ed Sobel, Associate Artistic Director These Director’s Notes appear in the stagebill for Women in Jep, which runs on the Arden’s Arcadia Stage July 5-15, 2012 The Writers’ Room is…

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Wendy on writing Women in Jep

July 2, 2012

By Wendy MacLeod, playwright of Women in Jep Is it possible to write a balls-out comedy about three middle-aged women? When we see a female character in the movies, she…

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Inside the Audition Room

June 29, 2012

Ever wonder what happens in auditions? How about ones for a new play, site when the script is still in process, and the playwright is in the room? And the…

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Inside The Writers’ Room – an actor’s perspective

June 26, 2012

Hi. My name’s Karen Peakes and I’m playing the role of Mary Forney in this production of “Women in Jep”. I’m one of those women in jep. The very first…

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Learnings from Inside The Writers’ Room

June 18, 2012

By Sheryl Bar, Inside The Writers’ Room passholder In response to our prompt: What are two things you’ve so far as a passholder that you did not already know? I…

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From Inside The Writers’ Room

June 12, 2012

We have 45 Inside The Writers’ Room passholders, a mix of ticket buyers, subscribers, >discount donors, teachers, students, and friends who have signed on to observe Wendy MacLeod’s new play…

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Table Read Inside The Writers’ Room – the video

June 7, 2012

For The Writers’ Room, our table read of Wendy MacLeod’s new play was attended by our Inside the Writers’ Room passholders. [Read the blog from producer Becky Wright here] Here’s…

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A Table Read Inside the Writers’ Room

June 1, 2012

By Rebecca Wright, producer for The Writers’ Room 37 Inside the Writers’ Room pass-holders joined the cast and Wendy for the first Table Read of Women in Jep. Because of…

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What’s Happening with Wendy #3

May 23, 2012

Since we last checked in with Wendy, she played around with alternate titles for the play, only to find they were already pop songs or straight-to-video movies: Mister Wrong, Mister…

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Meet the Playwright

May 15, 2012

On Monday, clinic May 7, medicine our Inside The Writers’ Room passholders gathered in the Arden’s 3rd floor rehearsal hall to meet for the first time with resident playwright Wendy…

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