Table Read Inside The Writers’ Room – the video

June 7, 2012

For The Writers’ Room, our table read of Wendy MacLeod’s new play was attended by our Inside the Writers’ Room passholders. [Read the blog from producer Becky Wright here]

Here’s a short video of the evening, which included the very first reading of the play; a discussion among the actors, playwright, and director; and a Q & A with Becky and the passholders.

We start rehearsals today, so stay tuned for more developments!

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  2. […] was hard. I’m not really sure what happened. We got through it and everyone seemed pleased. [Watch the video of the read-thru here.] So that was the first […]

  3. […] general public signed on for an “Inside The Writers’ Room” pass.  The passholders attended a reading of the first draft of the play, a number of rehearsals, technical rehearsal (the period when the design elements – sets, lights, […]

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