What’s Happening with Wendy #3

May 23, 2012

The Wrong Guy is NOT the title of Wendy's new play

Since we last checked in with Wendy, she played around with alternate titles for the play, only to find they were already pop songs or straight-to-video movies: Mister Wrong, Mister Right Now, The Wrong Guy.

She outlined the play to find the event in each scene, “Only to discover that one scene was merely a phone conversation,” she says. “So I folded some of that info into the other more necessary scenes.”

Wendy also sat in on auditions for a few days. It’s a particular challenge casting a play that’s not totally complete, but there were scenes Wendy was confident in sharing that helped the actors understand the characters they were going for.

The cast of 6 actors has been confirmed and participated in a table reading of the script on Monday, May 21. This was first time anyone (Wendy included) has heard the play read aloud! We’ll share photos from the read-thru with you soon!

Where Wendy Ate:
Reserve in Old City. Wendy and Read had martinis and oysters while watching this week’s installment of Mad Men. They also had their favorite meal of the week at Cafe Lift, on N. 13th Street near Read’s studio.

Where Wendy volunteered:
Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (just around the corner from the Arden at 2nd and Arch)

Wendy elsewhere online:
Read Wendy’s piece on Salon about her year-long sabbatical from teaching at Kenyon College.
Read the Live Arts Blog interview with Wendy and Ed about The Writers’ Room

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