A Table Read Inside the Writers’ Room

June 1, 2012

By Rebecca Wright, producer for The Writers’ Room

37 Inside the Writers’ Room pass-holders joined the cast and Wendy for the first Table Read of Women in Jep. Because of the logistics of making sure the reading could be heard in a room full of people, >prescription we opted to do it at music stands instead of around an actual table.  It was a roaring success!  Lots of laughs, interesting ideas, and much good will all around.  Everyone agreed that the cast is compelling and hilarious, and that the writing is funny and thought-provoking.

The reading was followed by a brief conversation between Ed and Wendy and the actors, after which they retired to the Arden’s offices to continue discussing the script, while I stayed behind with the passholders to talk with them about what we’d all just seen.  Our conversation included questions about double-casting, scene changes, and certain of the play’s unsolved mysteries.  Several pass-holders also stayed after the group conversation to ask more about some of the nuts-and-bolts theatre terms that came up in Wendy’s discussion with Ed.  One of the terms that needed defining was “beat”—which is the smallest unit of action in a play; a beat shifts when a character’s emotion or intention shifts.

Here are some photos of the evening:

Update: you can view a short video from the evening here!

Rehearsals start next week and we’ll have more updates then!


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