Arden Summer Interns Reach Out to CHOP

August 8, 2016

By Najyha and Isabella

The Arden gives away books every year to students who participate in our Arden For All elementary arts education program. At the end of the year, we have extra books left over that we need to give away to make room for the next season’s new books.

For the past two weeks, WorkReady Summer interns, Najyha and Isabella have been searching for a new home for extra Arden For All books. We wanted our books to go to a place where children who need a great story can read them. We discovered the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s (CHOP) has a book program called Reach Out and Read. After speaking with Kiersten Rogers we decided that CHOP was the perfect new home for our books.

We packed up all our books and prepared them for transport. On Wednesday, August 3rd, Kirsten came to the Arden in her Reach Out and Read van and picked up our books. Kiersten explained how difficult it is for CHOP to get donations during the summer and how grateful she was for our contribution. This project was a highlight of our summer because the gift of a story will touch the life of every child who receives a book.

For more information on CHOP’s Reach Out and Read program, to help, donate, or volunteer your time HERE, or call 215-590-5989.

Isabella & Nakyha drop off books at CHOP!

Isabella & Nakyha drop off books at CHOP!

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