First Friday, April 2010

April 5, 2010

By Meghan McKeown, Marketing Intern

It seems that many things are wrapping up for me lately.  It’s April, >capsule which means I’m finishing my final semester of college, and I have less than a month left of my internship at the Arden.  However, Friday, April 2, 2010 was also a day for new beginnings.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous, signaling the start of spring.  It was also the first of many First Friday celebrations in which the Arden will be taking part.

Since starting my internship with the marketing department in January, I’ve spent a good portion of my time working on projects to promote Romeo and Juliet.  Whether I was promoting student rush, painting the windows of the Arden’s lobby or distributing R+J pins, I was constantly learning more about theatre marketing.  A few weeks ago, I was asked to plan a First Friday event, and decided to incorporate an R+J theme.

On Friday, I managed to get to the Arden lobby just in time to get a free Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.  Thanks to the help of APAs, Alan, Kristyn and Mike, the evening was a success; people really enjoyed stopping into the theater to learn more about the Arden (and not just to use our convenient restrooms).

To qualify for the free PBR and a chance to win tickets to one of the final performances of Romeo and Juliet, guests were asked to answer one of the questions inspired by R+J that you may have seen chalked around Old City.  Here are some of my favorite answers:

When did you first fall in love?
“In second grade.  By fourth grade I got up the nerve to kiss her, by a dumpster.  It didn’t go so well.”

When did you disobey your parents?
“When I went to 7-11 that time and bought bazooka bubble gum- I was so BAD!”

“Hosted a party in the for-sale house…when the realtor was showing it to potential buyers.”

How long have you held a grudge?
“A few years, but I let it go and feel so much better!”

“I’ve held a grudge since a mouse stole my cookie!”

What is your passion?
“I have many passions.  This week it’s making crepes…and free beer.  Thanks!”

“I am passionate about finding new things to be passionate about, usually artistic pursuits of activities which challenge my perspective.”

What’s your biggest secret?
“I flushed my sister’s goldfish through the toilet when I was 10.  She still doesn’t know what happened to it.”

“The person I am here with tonight I would do anything for.  I met her over a year ago today and fell head over feet in love with her.  She makes me smile and no matter what, being with her makes me feel happy and worth living.”

Who would you die for?

“I would die for my daughter; I would get hurt for my friends.”

Who would die for you?
“Boys-because they think I am pretty.” – little girl, Age 6.

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