Walter Dallas: Blue Door Photography

January 13, 2010

When you come to the theatre to see Blue Door, you will notice a display of photos by the production’s director, Walter Dallas. These pictures were taken in Ghana, where he has made many lasting connections.

You can find the full story of Walter’s
Ghana Odyssey here on our website

Here is just a sampl

ing of photos you will see in the lobby, accompanied by Walter’s descriptions of the work.

Blue Door: During my visit to Ghana in the summer of 2007, the family of one of my brilliant proteges, Nathaniel Morrison, from the Fante tribe, (he assured me that tribe was not an offensive term to use) hosted a welcoming party for me. Morrison lives in Teshie-Accra and the entire neighborhood turned out. The DJ was wonderful, playing everything from traditional high-life to hot-life, to world-rap fusion, reggae and American R&B. As everyone, babies to grandmothers danced, he danced in front of a blue door that led into the main compound, the home of Morrison and his family. The Blue Door seemed to energize him and frame him in a way that I had to capture “on film.” Anyone who joined him in front of that door seemed themselves captivated, energized and more animated. When I asked to take his photo he said, “this is a special door; that’s why everyone is happy.” It was a year later that I was discovered an exciting new play: Blue Door by Tanya Barfield.

Maxwell: In the summer of 2009, I visited Accra, Ghana in West Africa for what must have been my 10th time. During this visit I visited and “adopted” a primary school in Nima-Accra. Maxwell, the boy in the center of the photograph, was fascinated with and intrigued by my camera. He did what the other children wouldn’t; he looked an adult stranger in the eye, a gesture that could possibly be perceived as rude, even confrontational. Maxwell’s intellectually curious gaze was far from challenging, it was welcoming and embracing. Our bond grew throughout the day, and I took quite a few shots in which Maxwell was highlighted.

View more of Walter’s photos in this online slideshow. You can also view them in person in the upper lobby of the Arden until March 21.

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  1. Damali Mason says:

    "Blue Door – Phenomenal! You Rock! You Director, You!"

  2. Gwynne Smith Scheffer says:

    "Blue Door" was so enjoyable…provocative, thought provoking. The performance left a lingering feeling like you wanted to sit down and continue the dialogue regarding the character's inner struggle…one that has touched many of us.

  3. An inspiring story and some wonderful pictures.
    Many thanks for sharing.

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