True Love – A Creative Response to A Little Night Music

July 24, 2013

In honor of the poetry in At the Old Place, >generic and our recent 25th Anniversary Season, we’re going to share a few poems submitted by audience members in response to A Little Night Music. 

True Love
By Amanda Shaffern

I sit here waiting,
waiting for my love.
Seeing my chances fading
as a stare at the skies above.

Will he ever come?
I think peacefully in my mind.
Heart is beating like a drum.
Is it my true love that I’ll find?

Time is getting close to night
while waiting patiently by the tree.
My head is putting up a fight,
but I say to myself this could be.

Time passing by,
slow but oh so fast.
Trying not to cry
realizing this might be my last.

In your life you have a lot to lose,
making decisions that are wary.
But, you never really choose
which is what makes life scary

You have one true love
you can never let go,
or you’ll end in front of
a childhood tree waiting in woe.

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