Threepenny buzz online

October 14, 2010

We’ve noticed quite a few comments about The Threepenny Opera around Facebook and Twitter recently.  Here’s a sampling of what people are saying:

“The Arden Theatre on 2nd Street has just mounted a thrilling production of Threepenny Opera. The translation is the best I’ve heard since I saw the legendary New York revival back in 1953. I’m pretty sure it’s very close to the original 1928 Berlin production. GO! You’lll hear a version of Mack the Knife the likes …of which you never would expect.”

“at The Threepenny Opera and. loving it. I love a visually pleasing show! Shoutouts to scenic artists, lighting designers and costume designers all over the world. Without you…there’s no show!”

Threepenny Opera at the Arden had the usual strong works from stalwarts named Greer, Martello and Lawton, >shop but Amanda Schoonover is just right in smaller roles as a beggar and a whore.”

“Terence Archie was spectacular in The Threepenny Opera last night! Welcome to the Arden family Terence.”

If one of these mini-reviews is yours, please claim it in the comments section of this post.

Have you used been talking about Threepenny online and we missed it? Feel free to re-post here in the comments or mention the Arden in your Facebook or Twitter updates.

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