The Hairy Ape Gets Shorn

January 7, 2011
By Allen Radway, >treat T. Stedman Harder in A Moon for the Misbegotten

As we roll into previews, the Moustache Blog continues. Disturbing as it may be.

On Tuesday, January 4th it was off to the barber’s with my beard! And by “the barber’s” I mean “the bathroom” of the Arcadia Stage’s green room, beard trimmer in hand. The preliminary shave, kindly documented here by Sean Lally (Mike Hogan in Moon), resulted in an elaborate handlebar ‘stache. Hm, perhaps Harder briefly spent time in a biker gang? Actually, I just wanted to mess with with Grace and Michael on my next entrance. And…I succeeded too!

The prank, oddly enough, had a positive effect on the top of the scene; and after an amazingly fun and productive work-thru rehearsal with Pfeif, Grace and Michael, I finished the trim with a straight-razor on our dinner break.

In the coming days I will continue to chip away until all that remains is a savy, thirties ‘stache reminiscent of Errol Flynn and Doug Fairbanks. Alas, if only Harder were that valiant!

More anon.

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