The Full Story: Craig from Superior Donuts

April 5, 2011

In our last visit to the donut shop, Craig Spidle sits down to talk about his experience coming to Philadelphia from Chicago. And hear the secret to his ping pong game that his fellow actors have been talking about.

Click play or watch the video on YouTube.

Thank you all for making the run of Superior Donuts such a success!

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  1. David Beswick says:

    Thank you for bringing Superior Donuts to the Arden. Living in Wilmington and a native Chicagoan, the production here was better than the original in Chicago which I saw a couple of years ago.

    Keep up the good work!

    Does anyone not from Chicago know what a Bismarck is, just wondering?

  2. Mary Jo Baum says:

    Yes, I am originally from Buffalo (although I live in Doylestown now) and I know that a Bismarck donut swirls around and has cinnamon in the folds. We grew up with Bismarck donuts! Love ’em!

    Loved the play. My son saw it performed in Atlanta and called to tell me I need to see this play, so I was able to go to the closing performance based on his recommendation.

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