Teaching If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

April 15, 2010

By Maureen Mullin Fowler, Education Director

For many in the theatre industry, Monday is the day of rest.  No one would think that 8AM on a Monday would be a high traffic time at the Arden.  But last Monday it was, and it will be for the next two months.  Three caravans of cars being driven by Arden Professional Apprentices, actors and teaching artists all headed out for their first day of teaching the Arden’s If You Give a Mouse a Cookie residencies. Third, fourth and fifth graders in Philadelphia, Camden and Ridley Park were eagerly anticipating the return of the Arden teaching artists with whom they had so much fun during the Peter Pan residencies.

Excitement was thick in the air.  Not only was it the first day back from spring break, (translation = kids still think they are on spring break) they also had a double dose of energy upon learning their favorite theatre teachers were in the building.  They were ready to play their favorite improv games, learn about the next Arden production, and get to act out scenes of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

This residency concentrates on some common Language Arts themes.  Cause and Effect.  Simple vs. Complex sentences.  Writing narratives and dialogue. And at the end of each residency not only will each student have traveled to see If You Give a Mouse a Cookie here at the Arden; they will also have written their very own children’s book to share with their young brothers, sisters, cousins, and neighbors.

It’s exciting to know over 2,000 students throughout the region will be taking their first steps at become authors over the next few week.  Check back here for more updates on our budding children’s book authors!

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