A Conversation with David Pressel, Stories from the Arden, and More

My name is K. C. Casey, and I am an Arden Professional Apprentice (APA) here at the Arden Theatre Company. As part of APA Class 29, I often look back at all the theatre professionals who have held the same role within this company over the past 30 years and cherish my shared experience with them. I love hearing stories about their time working as apprentices, the brilliant people they were able to meet, and the valuable lessons they learned. These stories help shape the collective “story” of the Arden’s Professional Apprenticeship program, of which I am writing a part of the next chapter.

As a project within my apprenticeship over the past month, I have connected with various Arden community members to learn more about their personal connection to our theatre and what the Arden means to them. I aimed to gain a greater understanding of our community and what brings us all together through the power of theatrical performance. I’d like to share some of what I discovered with you all today. At the link below, you can listen to some stories from David Pressel: an Arden subscriber, volunteer, and Sylvan Society member. As you scroll down, you can also read some more lovely stories shared by various other community members.

Happy Holidays and Enjoy,

K. C. Casey

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