Stick Fly – Share your Story – Deadline Extended!

November 12, 2013

In Stick Fly, Lydia R. Diamond writes about one weekend for the LeVay family on Martha’s Vineyard. What do you have in common with this family? Or this weekend getaway?

Share your story with us!

Tell us about one or more of the following:

  • A vacation home –  One cherished and often visited, here or perhaps one new to you
  • A significant other’s first time meeting the family – Maybe the first time you brought a spouse home, >sick or visited your boyfriend’s family, or a sibling or child brought home a girlfriend
  • A Game Night – A family tradition or a particularly memorable victory or defeat


  • Email your contribution to (Videos should be sent as links to content hosted online. No attachment should exceed 5MB).
  • Submit your response by Tuesday, December 17. 
  • Members of the Arden staff will then select 10 finalists to be featured on the Arden blog. Then, audiences can vote for their favorite response by leaving a comment on the entry here on this sight or on the Arden’s Facebook page.
  • On Friday, December 20 we will name the winner of the contest!
  • 1 Grand Prize – $200 and an invitation for two to opening night of Water by the Spoonful
  • 2 Runners Up – $100 each and two tickets to Water by the Spoonful
  • All 10 Finalists will receive 2 tickets to Water by the Spoonful

Get creating!

 The Arden reserves the right to post, share, and publicize all entries with proper credit to the creator.

2 Responses

  1. Beverly Hayden says:

    Memories! A wooden 3-bedroom,1 bath house, purchased by my Dad, about 1948, in the Catskills. This was a dream of my Dad’s, having vacationed in the Catskills for many years. A place of his own!!
    My brother was off on his own, my sister was beginning a family of her own and I was the single daughter, brought up on weekends.
    But what fun. The neighbors were very pleasant and games in the evening were the highlights. No cinema, no recreational activities. Just games! You name it. Canasta was a big, big event. Occasional mah jong games and hearts. No one played bridge.
    It was such fun getting together in this manner. That is what I bring away with me from Dad’s cottage in the Catskills.

  2. susan r croll says:


    My husband was not Jewish. The first time he met my family was at a Rosh Hashana Dinner at my home.

    Our home was a small row house in NE Philadelphia. When the dining room table was extended with 2 bridge tables added on, the entire dining room and 1/2 of the living room disappeared. Rich, coming from a very small family, was astonished what seemed like a concert of people could actually fit around one table. In reality there probably were 25.

    Then the food, after the soup, gefilte fish (foreign looking for sure) and 2-4 other courses after with casseroles of Kugel and different vegetable dishes. Mom never sat down, too busy putting out more and more food. He never saw so much food at one meal. The noise level was extreme, a cacophony for sure! “Why are these people shouting at each other?” Rich asked me, “they’re not shouting, this is how they talk to one another.”

    Everyone asking him questions which was hard to hear over the noise of everyone else. Laughter, Stories and all the while more food kept coming. Unbelievable! He was full after the 2nd course.
    My Uncles instructed him how to eat the gefilte fish and luckily Rich loves Hot! Horseradish.

    It surely was an initiation into a typical Family Dinner over the Jewish Holidays and in the years since, Rich got to enjoy the “new” foods and getting together with this side of his new family.

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