Sharing Wanamaker’s Stories

June 1, 2011

While working on Wanamaker’s Pursuit we heard about the importance of the Wanamaker’s store to many of you! We were fortunate to sit down with a department store historian, past employees and shoppers, >pharm and of course a few folks that attended the Christmas Light Show!

The video we compiled ran in the lobby during Wanamaker’s Pursuit, and is now posted here for you to watch!

View Part 1 of the video:

And Part 2 of the video:

Post YOUR Wanamaker’s memory in the comments!

2 Responses

  1. Janet Cook says:

    My Pricilla of Boston Wedding gown was purchased at John Wanamakers forty-two years ago. The entire bridal salon staff was very attentive and caring.

  2. Ellen G. Kopeland says:

    I worked there for 13 years, met my husband there. He worked there 23 years. My uncles ran the pet store on the 8th floor next to the toy department. My grandmother sold fashionable hats there. Wanamakers is in my blood!

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