Philly in Photos, Part 3

January 21, 2011

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By Harry Watermeier, Arden Professional Apprentice

This is another cool coffee place in Philadelphia.

I’m not sure if it’s a Philly thing or not, but there seems to be a lot of them in the city. What’s great about this Starbucks place is that they have other stuff too, not just coffee. They have like, cookies and coffee-like drinks and stuff. Check ’em out!

This is where I ate my very first meal in Philadelphia.
I had a tongue sandwich with onion and spicy mustard and an embarrassingly huge slice of chocolate cake. I’ve really taken a shine to Jewish Deli’s here in Philly, and this one may be my favorite. The waitresses call me “sweetheart”–I think I’m in love with all of them.

This church is right across the street from my apartment.
Every once in a while I’ll be home when a service is beginning. The choir is beautiful, the church bells are stirring. I haven’t been to church in over seven years–I’m thinking about going to this one.

This is the charming little park in Rittenhouse Square. In the fall I would sit on one of the benches and read in the afternoon sunlight. Now, during the winter, I make a point of walking through it on my way home.

I took this picture just to show that I’m sensitive.

My home away from home! I think I’m more familiar with this building than I am with my studio apartment. I spend a huge chunk of time here, but I’m happy to do so. The Arden is an incredible theatre—it’s a defining element of Philadelphia’s cultural landscape, and I’m beyond lucky to work here.

So, I’ve realized a couple of things after working on this blog: 1.) I really need to exercise more. All I do is sit and read and eat. 2.) I need to explore the city. Philadelphia’s made a great first impression—now I’d like to get to know it a little better.

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