Opening Night of Clybourne Park

February 6, 2012

By Angela DuRoss, Development Director

Clybourne Park opened on Wednesday, February 1 to a full house.  The Sylvan Society gathered at Serrano for a pre-show party with wine and international fare.  Playwright Bruce Norris attended the reception at Serrano, as well as the performance.  The audience lingered after the show to discuss the performance and partake of a lovely spread by 12th Street Catering and Hatboro Beverages.

3 Responses

  1. acm says:

    great show! really enjoyed my tickets this past weekend (after almost not coming due to sick kid worries). lots of chewy stuff, lots of hilarity, much (discomfiting) expression of things we often dance around uncomfortably. the cast was great — I see a few Barrymores in this one! really great stuff.

    I’ve decided that the difference between a good play and a really great one is having a well-developed second act. so often a play has great characters, action, issues, and then just fizzles out (without naming names, we know that happened in at least one last year) — when the playwright really knows where s/he is going, you are submerged in the drama rather than pushed back into your seat as a self-aware observer (“this isn’t working”), and the effect is electrifying. the two halves of this play are radically different, and yet the second is at *least* as well envisioned as the first, and the frisson between the two really brings the issues into sharp focus.

    great stuff!

  2. Mel Shuster says:

    Thought-provoking subject matter, witty dialogue, superb cast.

  3. Sally Gever says:

    Literally one of the best plays I’ve seen in years. Writing, acting, directing and setting were all superb. The play deals with difficult, painful issues and is still able to provide the light touches that make one wish it would go on for another two hours. Terrific!

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