Moon Diary – Entry #3

December 23, 2010

By Grace Gonglewski, Josie in A Moon for the Misbegotten

Costume fitting today. Had talked earlier with Alison [Roberts, the costume designer] about the possibility of little pouches of bird seed to pad me with to sort of naturally add weight and size to my hips while having motility. I like the idea of Josie being bottom heavy, sort of grounded in the earth.

Grace in costume during a rehearsal

Alison did a marvelous job – it is subtle but definitely enlarges me. I feel like Jilline. We have cut from the script several of the size references, focusing more on the ugliness she feels. Alison’s exquisite work has helped me feel …ugly enough to lose my confidence. I am growing every bit of body hair back – eyebrows, legs, underarms… makes me feel… well, ugly, raw, farmgirl.

And I think we are going to dye my hair black to match my little brothers. It says in the script black and coarse – thinking of how we can do that… maybe a perm? Megan in Ghost-Writer did a sort of crimp style that we can try. Fun.

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