Moon Diary – Entry #1

December 7, 2010

A Moon for the Misbegotten officially starts pre-production this week. While that means our stage manager is in the building (and on contract) for the first time, it does not mean the work is just beginning. Casting has been finalized, design teams have met, > plans have been drawn, and actors are preparing on their own.

We asked Grace Gonglewski, who will play Josie Hogan in Moon, to chronicle her experience working on the show. Here’s her first entry on how she is getting ready to start rehearsals:

Grace in our production of "Dancing at Lughnasa"

Today my husband Eric went to Fairmount Park and got a load of good splitting wood for me to learn how to chop wood for Josie. I am interested in her doing men’s work on the farm in addition to the sewing and cooking.

We tested walnut and oak and the oak seemed to split easiest. I am using my dad’s old hatchet. I hit the log once to get it nudged in, and then I swing amallet on it so it won’t go flying – don’t want to hit the punters 🙂

If there’s something – anything – you would like to know about the process of bringing A Moon for the Misbegotten to the stage, please leave a comment! We’ll be posting throughout the rehearsal process and the run, so check back regularly for updates.

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  1. Hether Smith says:

    just don’t miss that wood when you are practicing chopping…messy shin business. Happy to see you back at the Arden xo.

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