Moon Diary – Entries #4 and #5

January 4, 2011

By Grace Gonglewski, >prescription Josie in A Moon for the Misbegotten

eating sleeping dreaming moon.

I speak in an Irish brogue to my family. Haven’t gone on Facebook or had a glass of wine in weeks. I fall asleep with the script in my hands and my peepers on my nose and my teeth whitening thingy on my teeth. I am whitening my teeth for Josie – it says in the script she has even white teeth and coarse black hair. Got a perm last week and will get it colored black next week. I swear I never do anything to my hair unless a theatre pays for it. My daughter is starving for my attention, my husband is so ready for a break when I walk in the door.

I wish I had more time to just run lines, but I have no time off stage! I go to the theatre and stay all day- pack a lunch and nap during breaks. Ten and twelve hour days this week.
no life but moon….

Feel sick. Throat sore, head splitting. lines lines lines. I feel like I am behind a train trying to jump on, it is just out of reach. I can’t even do my work really because the damn thing is so big, I am just trying to keep up, just trying to…it is overwhelming.
Dirt all over my legs and feet, fingernails. I guess I will have to bathe nightly when I get home.

Alison [Roberts, Costume Designer] opened up my blouse, moved things, shifted things. Meredith [McKewen, Properties Master]’s props are amazing- really this whole crew is astoundingly talented. And Courtney [Riggar, Production Manager] keeps it all running smoothly.

feel so behind!

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  1. Shoshana says:

    I hope I can make it to Philly to see this production!

  2. Vince Kling says:

    Beyond excited. I’m a huge fan of Grace (you don’t know me by name, though, I don’t think), and O’Neill is beyond praise. I will be there on February 6 with bells on. Amazing, awesome that this is happening — this play at all, with this cast yet, and anyone who’s not grateful is missing something.

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