Memorable Teachers

September 8, 2009

At a recent reading of The History Boys, >prescription we asked friends of the Arden to tell us about a memorable teacher from high school. Check out the stories they shared!

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  1. SMazzone24 says:

    Throughout the duration of modern education, I doubt there was ever a teacher who cared so genuinely about the development and growth of their students then Mrs. Maureen Mullin Fowler, or Ms. Mullin as I so affectionately remember her. Ms. Mullin was the most engaging teacher I have ever come across, challenging students to critically analyze history and literature instead of blindly memorizing facts. She was also excellent in identifying and developing student’s strengths. Ms. Mullin would quite frequently go above and beyond the necessary duties of her post and inevitably left a mark on each and every student lucky enough to learn from her. I had the privilege of having Ms. Mullin as a teacher for three years and during that span she helped spark my interest in three of my great passions, Theater, Literature and Politics. She was always willing to help me pursue my passions whether it was introducing me the interworking of a professional production, instigating a lifelong fascination in Drama, helping me develop my literary voice or engaging me in political debate (which was made particularly easy due to many of our diametrically opposed view points) Ms. Mullin was always stimulating my interest. Ms. Mullin is not only the most memorable teachers I have ever had, she is the most genuinely devoted people I have ever known. I owe so much to Ms. Mullin no blog could ever adequately describe my affection towards her, but I can with complete rectitude say that outside of my immediate family no one person has augmented my character more so then Ms. Maureen Mullin Fowler and for that I will always be grateful. -Salvatore Anthony Mazzone

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