History Boys Tech, as told in Haiku

September 25, 2009

By Matt Ocks: Assistant Director for The History Boys

Tech is the time when everything comes together. Scenery, lighting, video, sound, costumes and actors all become one, and the play we’ve been rehearsing upstairs in street clothes takes on new life downstairs in the Haas.

It’s also a grueling series of 10 to 12 hour days that leave everyone – cast, crew, design team, you name it – feeling worn out and sleep deprived.

And it’s invariably a bit absurd.

How else, then, could one capture it than through a series of haikus –an album of poetic snapshots, miniature moments ripe with technical absurdity.

It’s even more fitting for The History Boys, a play that wears its love of poetry on its sleeve.

So without adieu
Straight from our tech, just for you
The AD’s haiku…

“Ten seconds” says Jorge
Typing cues in his Mac Book.
But it will be more.

Boys nap in the House
While teachers try on costumes
Grown ups wear more clothes.

Kate says “restore please”
She is our Stage Manager
She looks good in hats

A ten minute break;
Ping Pong in the green room; Can
Anyone beat Jorge?!!

Where’s David Howey?
Traversing the catacombs.
Tricky Headmaster

At the Piano
It’s the Matt Leisy Special
Step in the light, Matt!

Chris and Mike step dance
While Brian makes a joke and
Jon eats a donut

“No tea in the Haas”
As I swallow the last drop
Crisis averted.

The esteemed Frank X
Walks through walls on his exit
Too cool for the door?

“Ankit on the floor”
“Peterson move back a step”
Terry’s re-blocking

After rehearsal
Evan shows us a jazz club
It’s good to unwind

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