French School Group Attends Cyrano

April 13, 2012

by Madame Elizabeth Kohl, Honors French Teacher, Council Rock High School South, Bucks County, PA

Counncil Rock High School South's French Honors III Class outside Arden Theatre Company

What a superb Cyrano!

My French classes loved the energy of the play and were abuzz today sharing their impressions of the actors…describing the drunk, the nurse, Roxane, her nanny , Christian, Montfleury, De Guiche, the narrator’s deep voice, and of course Cyrano’s illustrious panache surrounded by his valiant Gascons! We loved the words, the song, the pace  and the vivid retelling of the classic French story! We study it in French III Honors… so you see…Cyrano means a lot to us!

Merci beaucoup!

Merci mille fois to the amazing cast and crew and the Arden’s organization. We will be back and please do send us the program every year! Bien amicalement!

-Madame Elizabeth Kohl

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