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Tooth and Claw

September 27, 2012 - November 4, 2012

March 11- April 11, 2004

Tooth and Claw

by Michael Hollinger
Directed by Terrence J. Nolen

On the F. Otto Haas Stage




Biologist Schuyler Baines arrives in the Galapagos Islands to run the Darwin Research Center, full of ideas and the best intentions. When she becomes aware of an exploding black market that threatens to destroy the islands’ fragile ecosystem, Schuyler shuts the industry down, sparking a deadly, survival-of-the-fittest conflict with native fishermen. A compelling exploration- based on actual events- of evolution, extinction, and the ever-present nature of Darwin’s ‘struggle for life.

Donald Grody (Malcom)
Susan McKey (Schuyler)
Tlaloc Antonio Rivas (Pedro /Ensemble)
David Grillo (Carlos)
Al D. Rodriguez (Gonzalo)
Shirley Roeca (Ana)
Alvaro Mendoza (Mendoza/ Ensemble)
Marcos Muniz (Park Official/ Ensemble)
Elvis O. Nolasco (Tito/ Ensemble)
Paco Tolson (Jorge/Ensemble)


Terrence J. Nolan
Amy Dugas Brown
Sound Designer
Jorge Cousineau
Costume Designer
Anne Kennedy
Scenic Designer
James Kronzer
Lighting Designer
Michael Philippi
John Stovicek
Assistant Director
Steve Pacek