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March 15-28, 2021

74 Seconds…To Judgment: A Radio Play

By Kash Goins

Directed by Amina Robinson

Digitally Streaming Audio

Expected Runtime: 1 hour and 30 minutes.


A jury of 6 has been deadlocked for over a week – struggling to decide what is ‘justifiable homicide’- in this powerful play by Philadelphia playwright Kash Goins. Originally produced by the Arden in 2019, Goins and director Amina Robinson reunite to create a new radio drama version of this timely and provocative play.

74 Seconds...To Judgment: A Radio Play will begin streaming here in:








What should I expect?

The artists and designers, helmed by Amina Robinson, are creating a new adaptation of the play 74 Seconds…To Judgment. While originally produced for the stage, this production will record actors performing from their homes to weave together this audio story.  

What does a digital ticket get me?

One digital ticket gets your household access to listen to 74 Seconds…To Judgment: A Radio Play any time from March 8th to March 21st. You can listen more than once. You can stop and start. You can even listen on up to two devices. We are thankful to all of our union partners for making this production happen, but as a part of our agreements, there is no sharing outside of your household.

Purchasing and Listening

Once you have used the button above labeled “BUY DIGITAL TICKET”, you will be able to use your unique order number (provided in your confirmation email) as your password to watch. This is a true radio play, however starting on March 8th, you will use a video on this page to listen.

Closed Captions

Closed captions are available! Use the button on the video player labeled “CC” to activate.

Maechi Aharanwa (Ramona)
Peter Bisgaier (Doug)
Aaron Grady Shaw (Brandon)
Keith Conallen (Pat)
Kash Goins (Bill)
Steven Wright (Judge)
Julianna Zinkel (Kim)

Amina Robinson
Kash Goins
Assistant Director
Travoye Joyner
Sound Designer
Elizabeth Atkinson
Audio Engineer
John Kolbinski
Stage Manager
Kate Nelson