Dreams Deferred – A Raisin in the Sun Creative Response

April 17, 2013

Dreams Deferred
By Vanessa Conde 

A dream is extremely fragile

It can be torn apart

It can shatter and fall

Or it can be a new start


You have to know how to express it

Because you can’t forget about a goal,

You can suppress it in your memory

But deep down it’ll be found in your soul


A dream deferred can’t be forgotten

It’s just locked up somewhere

We say we’ll initiate tomorrow

But we don’t realize if we put it off, we’ll get nowhere


A raisin in the sun is an example

If you take all their dreams that were dreamed

You’ll see they were put off, >case

And not one of them showed or gleamed


In their attempt to rise unto glory

A thing or two slipped

They let their dreams fade

Once they accidently tripped


That’s what happens to us too

We put aside what we want so badly

In fear it’ll never be accomplished

But as we pretend and nod gladly,


We don’t realize if we don’t try we won’t succeed

But not trying gives us a reason to fail

But our dreams don’t disappear

Due to the fact that they leave a trail


No matter how far we run to hide from it

It’ll always be by our side

It’ll follow us till the day we die

Unless we had really tried


Our dreams go in a little box

Locked up and saved for ourselves

They’re not for the world to see

And are put on the shelves


Our dreams hover around us

And shout till they are recognized

But we look past them

So we aren’t agonized


Our dreams are swept under the carpet

They accumulate particles of dust

And we leave them there hidden from the eye of company

Because we’re unsure of whom we can trust


There are those who pretend they don’t dream

Due to their countless insecurity

They refuse to reveal their wishes

And leave us with curiosity


I guess we can’t truly say what happens to dreams deferred

It’s different for everyone

It’s really a mystery whether we like it or not

It depends if the battle of dreaming is lost or won

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2 Responses

  1. Lisette says:

    Very creative! accurately portrays dreams from a different point of view.

  2. Sorayda says:

    Very captivating! Potrays dreams from a different point of view but a view that one may really be brung in to… Fabulous work!

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