Cupid Strikes…at the Arden!

February 9, 2009

Sally Wojcik, the Arden’s Education and Group Services Manager, chats about her and Will Lambrakos, the Arden’s Master Carpenter, wedding plans for August.

Following in a long line of Arden couples, Will (the Arden’s Master Carpenter) and I (the Arden’s Education and Group Services Manager – yes the company’s longest title) are getting married! We met in April of 2004 while I was finishing my final semester at Albright College in Reading. I was cast in Much Ado about Nothing with Will’s friend’s sister. When this friend needed a last minute theatre buddy, Will took the extra ticket. A few short months later, we were dating. That fall, I started the Arden Professional Apprentice Program. For those of you who have read Hilary’s blog entry, you know it’s a pretty grueling experience. Will was always there after those long days with a ready ear and very often a hot meal (a sure way straight to my heart!). I’m not sure I could have weathered those ten months without him. These days, we’re lucky enough to work together. Will joined the Arden staff in 2007 and works in the production department. Regardless of how busy things get, we at least have those few minutes on the way to and from work to spend together. Our little family is rounded out by our feisty miniature doxie, Petey (some of you may remember him from his staring role on last season’s Go, Dog. Go! poster). If ever you stop by the Arden office, Petey will be sure to greet you.

We’ll be getting hitched this August in an outdoor extravaganza in Spring City, PA.. Will and I are both transplants to Philadelphia – Will is originally from Toronto and I grew up in Massachusetts. We’ll have a lot of relatives descending from the north. The entire Arden staff is also on the invite list. We’re anticipating quite a party. And let’s not forget all our colleagues who we have roped into helping us out: Jenn Peck (our General Manager) is a bridesmaid extraordinaire, Alison Roberts (our Costume Supervisor) is altering my dress and sound guru Larry Fowler will be the DJ. The wedding is still six months away. Who knows what other fun jobs we’ll come up with before then…We’ll be sure to post a follow up entry (and some pictures!) in late August. And for those of you who are wondering…Petey will not be making an appearance on the wedding day. We can’t trust him not to eat the rings!

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    I’d be more concerned with Kevin eating the rings…

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