Charlotte’s Web Goes Vertical

December 13, 2011

By Courtney Riggar, Production Manager

If you have seen Charlotte’s Web, then you have seen Charlotte’s amazing aerial feats in the show. Since Sarah Gliko, who plays Charlotte, had no previous experience at this type of work we enlisted the help of Howard Kanner, owner of Go Vertical climbing gym. Howard functioned as our Stunt Coordinator to make sure that all of Sarah’s gear was safe and that she was properly trained to handle all of her stunts. Through the process Howard got to come and work in the Haas and climb all over the catwalks here, and as part of that he got to know us pretty well and vice versa.

As a way to celebrate our work together and the opening of the show Howard invited us to come to his gym for a little climbing, so he could show us how it’s REALLY done. I took some photos to document our fun time there and I thought I’d share them with you!

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