What audiences are saying about Blue Door

March 8, 2010

Blue Door has been sparking conversation.  Here’s a short video where we caught up with some audience members after the show to see what they thought!

Here are some other thoughts that audiences shared with us via email.

My niece and I enjoyed Blue Door. We cried, laughed and reflected.
She is learning about African American History in school and she said
on the car ride home: Wow Auntie I wish my whole class could see Blue
– Jamie

I enjoyed the production VERY much. As usual,the acting at the Arden was excellent. The story was interesting to me as I lived through many of these years (I was born in 1933). The storyline intertwining the black history of a family and the current crises facing a successful, educated black man at present in our “tolerant” world today were both treated with passion and empathy for the roles of each. -Rhoda

Blue Door was a haunting, powerfully acted, and moving play.  It was amazing. -Sue

I thought the play was amazing as were the two actors. They had a lot to say of importance. Walking in someone else’s shoes makes for fascinating discoveries. -Lois

Blue Door was done extremely well – and what a difficult play it must have been to write (and perform).  My wife and I (we’re old folks) were reminded of how very very far American society has come in just our short lifetimes. -Deane and Francoise

I will try to tell you how much we loved the play.  How moved we were. How we couldn’t possibly have pulled it together at the end of the play to applaud out the honor the actors, and director, and playwright and the Arden, for presenting such a beautiful, moving, professional’s professional production. -Laura

Being now a grandmother of five, it’s always a delightful surprise to suddenly see in one of them a familiar expression, habit or talent that reminds me of my own parents…and that’s when you realize how connected it all is. -Terry

What conversation did Blue Door inspire for you? Leave us a comment!

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