Backstage with the ladies of Rabbit Hole

November 6, 2009

After a performance this week, > we hung out with the ladies of Rabbit Hole in their dressing room. Over wine and cheese, we talked about becoming a family onstage, >mind and their process of working on the play. Check out this video and then continue the conversation on Thursday, November 12 at our Rabbit Hole Salon, where you can share wine and cheese with the cast and ask your own questions!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Aaron and Grace when he comes to explain about going faster than the speed limit and she breaks down into sobbing was one of the best theatrical scenes I have ever seen. I cry when I think about it, when I share it, when I need to cry. It will take the place of the last scene in "A Farewell to Arms" as my go-to crying scene. I thank the actors, writer and director for making it perfect. not overdone, not over explained- just right.

    Today, I realized that part of why I cry about still today, long after I saw the play, is the sheer artistic brilliance of it- like when I heard Beethoven's Ninth, or saw Marc Rothko's work for the first time, or read some of my favorite novels or poems- the gift of the transformative nature of art in the moment…. how special…thanks so much!!
    Linda Dubin Garfield

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