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November 18, 2009

Rabbit Hole inspires conversation. Watch the video preview, read what Arden audience members are saying, and then join the discussion. Add your comment here, post on your Facebook, or just talk about it over coffee. We want to know what you think!

“We enjoyed the play. Excellent pacing, and acting, terrific set and costuming. The play touched many emotions since we, too, suffered the loss of a child (even at her 34 years it was not easy). But as the play implies you go on and now we celebrate her life and accomplishments through the many legacies she left.” -Saul and Miriam

“I was worried going into this play because the subject matter is not something I would seek out for entertainment. But the play was amazing and I am really glad you did it (though I am starting to get a bit weepy at my desk just thinking about it!) I think if the characters had less prickly personalities it would have turned into a very maudlin play. It could also have hit us on the head with the guilt each character felt, but it handled that part really well, and I felt there was hope at the end. So, good job!” -Camille

“We went to the play last night with trepidation, expecting something “heavy.” What a pleasant surprise to encounter such a well-written, balanced presentation of the emotions that follow bereavement. (And, of course, the acting was superb!)” -Sandy

“The play was excellent – one of the best ever. I had read all about it when it was on Broadway so knew it would be a terrific work. The acting was wonderful. Each character was so well done. I was particularly impressed with Howie. As my father and brother both died quite young I am well-acquainted with grief and have read a lot about grief. Rabbit Hole was such a close and accurate look at grieving. So many people in the audience were nodding at different times. I think it reaches audience members in a very personal way.” -Julie

“My husband and I have been members for several years now and I must say that the plays have been enjoyable and at times provocative. Rabbit Hole was just magnificent and we and our friends who join us for the Sun. afternoon series couldn’t stop talking and debating the play. All of us thought it was right on target in depicting trauma and individual response to tragedy.” -Lynda

“We hesitated to even go, as the subject matter seemed too awful to endure. But we were there and it was wonderful. So sensitively done. The acting, set and direction were up to the usual Arden standards.” -Lita

“This was our first time at the Arden – and we loved it. We received the postcard and got some friends involved to subscribe to three plays. Rabbit Hole was quite moving for me — and stimulated great conversation post performance. We were very impressed by the production. Loved the use of the stage and the moving sets. Thought the production values were spot on. And most important – loved the writing. How the playwright set up the action – use of language, twisting repetition of events, the contortions of familial communication. And of course, the director brought it all to life with balance and momentum.” -Laura

“I attended the show on Friday night and, knowing a bit about the story line, was not sure if I would enjoy the play. The acting was spectacular. Everyone was wonderful. It was one of the best productions I have seen in a long time. Thanks to all for a memorable evening.” -Nancy

“We thought the play was wonderful and we’ve recommended it to friends. I felt it was a perfect play in many ways: It was unflinchingly honest and accurately portrayed a family in grief over the loss of a child. The playwright balanced the grief with well-timed flashes of humor, in order to prevent the story from sinking into bathos. The acting was on target and I never detected a false note in anyone’s performance.” -Jay

“We liked it very, very, much… Very well written play. I can easily see why it won a Pulitzer. Very nicely performed as well.” -Anne

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  1. Larry says:

    I looked all over this Web site for a "Contact Us" link because I'd prefer to offer my comments privately, but since this blog seems to be the only option available, here goes. First let me say that the production of "Rabbit Hole" was excellent – a first-rate production. Unfortunately, my enjoyment of the play was marred by the behavior of some members of the audience. During the Tuesday, Nov. 17 performance, a young woman with a particularly loud and obnoxious laugh couldn't seem to control her outbursts – she thought everything was funny. Other audience members were distractedly looking around, trying to locate the source of the disruption. Apparently she was part of a group, some of whom sat in the row behind me, and others who were in the row in front. They, too, became a distraction as they reacted to her outbursts. What ever happened to theater etiquette? These young people seemed oblivious to the other audience members, or perhaps they just didn't care if they disturbed other peoples' experience. Frankly, I felt like I was attending a high school production. I've subscribed to the Wilma and Walnut theaters for years, but this is my first year at the Arden. I hope my experience last night was an aberration, and not the norm!

  2. Brian says:

    I am a subscriber of four seats and always go with two or three of my siblings. We get together, see your show and discuss it over ice cream around the corner.

    All of us loved Rabbit Hole. Thanks for doing such a powerful piece. The QNA afterward, as always, added to the experience.

  3. BR says:

    I have done bereavement work with the families of combat veterans, and watched people go from denial and anger to acceptance of the tragedy that has befallen them. I am in awe of the process that moves families to that point. I thought "Rabbit Hole" did an excellent job in presenting the experience. The acting and writing were honest and effective. My wife and I were moved by the performance and appreciative of the artistry that created it.

    Thank you.

  4. Dortha says:

    My husband and I attended the play on Sunday along with another couple. All of us found the play outstanding in terms of feelings it evoked. Even our husbands needed a tissue. It was one of the best dramas addressing grief that any of us has seen before without being sentimental or maudlin. The actors were excellent. The story provided the necessary comic relief by the mother and sister.

    I have seen the last 3 plays at the Arden and am so impressed with the selection of plays and the quality of the actors. We all plan to return many times.

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