Assistant Directing Something Intangible – Part 3

April 3, 2009

By Matt Ocks: Assistant Director for Something Intangible

My role on this show pretty much ends in a few weeks. I’ll come watch the play as much as I can. As someone who was there for the rehearsal process, I’ll notice nuances in the performances that other people just can’t, and I’m fascinated to see how the actors delve even deeper into their roles. So many memories will stay with me: Snarky comments, March Madness, the hailstorm. And of course, there’s the story we’ve been telling every day. As befits an Arden show, Something Intangible is a great story, not just about Hollywood but about two brothers, often at odds. I think it is to Bruce Graham’s credit that the conflict between these brothers is not resolved in a tidy fashion.

Watching Dale go on the journey of learning to accept his brother Tony, in spite of the pain he has caused, every day for the past five weeks has been my honor. I take a small degree of ownership over the production that opens April 15th, but as I hope you can see, Something Intangible is very much a group effort. We started with a pile of pages (Great pages! Hilarious pages! But pages, nonetheless). We’re ending with a play. It’s a great play. It’s a hilarious play. Every now and then it’s a quietly devastating play. And I got to see it happen. “In-crowd” or “out-crowd,” I am tickled pink to be part of this crowd.

See you at the show.

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