A Dream Deferred Cannot be Ignored for Long – A Raisin in the Sun Creative Response

April 17, 2013

By Lisette Vasquez

Intro: A dream deferred cannot be ignored for long. A dream is what motivates us to live, it gives meaning to life. A dream can only be changed or modified but never eradicated. Therefore, if an individual has no dream then that person has nothing to live for. My story outlines the dream of an immigrant family, a dream most of us might have; the American dream.


The first thing you should know about me is my name: Casey Vasquez. I am a young girl I am only fourteen but I had to become an adult before any of the American girls at my school. My family is foreign we are Mexican but my little brother and I were lucky enough to be born in the United States the land of freedom and opportunity. However, for illegal immigrant parents like ours, we weren’t living the American life every one craves for. My parents are hardworking, honest people. Everyday it breaks my heart to see them come from work tired, worn out, and hopeless. Everyday I ask myself, “Is this freedom?” Everyday I look in the mirror and see nothing. Everyday I miss the family I left behind in Mexico.

I can still recall the moment I said goodbye. My little brother, Irving, was in the car and I alone had to face the tears of my family. I hugged my grandfather and said goodbye not knowing that was the last goodbye I would ever say to him. My aunt did something that day that I would never forget. She pulled me aside and asked me for a favor. “Never forget your family. Never forget your country always remember where you are from.” I got into the car and drove off but I did not look back, I could not look back I had to keep moving forward and leave my home, my family, and poverty. I had to leave it all behind me and become something better no matter what I had to sacrifice. I felt a tear roll down my cheek and I slowly began to sob. “Are you okay Casey?” Irving asked me.

“I’m okay Irving,” I responded “I just don’t like leaving home.”

But leaving home is what I had to do. I had to sacrifice my culture to pursue my dream; to become a doctor. I got up and went to the bathroom to get dressed for school. I looked in the mirror as I do everyday and see what I always see; nothing. Dreams only bring up hope and eventually you’ll crash and burn you if you believe in them. I come from an immigrant family we weren’t allowed to dream we had other things to worry about. I wasn’t even sure why I kept trying to be a good student. I just knew I had to at least try be something better. I worked hard everyday and high school seemed to pass by very quickly. I began to feel as though I could actually reach my goal and achieve my dreams but I would always cast away such thoughts.

My senior year of high school was a year I would never forget. I had helped my parents to receive their citizenship and we were no longer unhappy. Maybe there was still hope. Maybe I could continue to dream and make my dreams a reality. It was a glorious day the day that I got accepted into medical school. I felt as though a great weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. My parents hugged me with tears in their eyes and began to tell me how proud they were of me. I felt so happy and we all knew from that instant that our lives would change. Graduation day was a beautiful sunny morning. I was anxiously waiting for my name to be called so that I could walk up and receive my certificate. When I did I looked at the crowd and saw my family. Irving had grown so much and at that moment I realized that I could make a difference in his life. I could help him make his dreams a reality. I noticed my parents were carrying some suitcases which I found odd. After the ceremony ended I walked over to them to discover that we would be going to Mexico that same day during the whole summer. I was so happy at the thought that I would be able to return that I cried. My tears rolled down my face and onto my dress. I got into the car and immediately remembered that there was something I wanted to do before we departed. My parents agreed to drive back to the house. I walked in thinking about how many memories I had made here. Several thoughts were running through my mind and I found myself in the bathroom. I decided to go look at the mirror and I looked at my reflection. Not only did I see that but I also saw something else; success.

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  1. Domingo says:

    I like your story its wonderful I think you are very very good students and I shure you did a good job

  2. Domingo says:

    I like your story its wonderful. I think you are very very good student.

  3. gilberto says:

    I like…very nice story,lisette… good luck in all your project

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