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Skill-building for students in 6th-12th Grades

Text Analysis 

This TRAINER focuses on text analysis to support a varied and dynamic performance, be it for the stage actor or singer. Concepts covered can be applied to monologues, scenes, or songs, giving the actor tools to prepare for any performance, audition, or class.

Beats, Tactics, and Objectives

An 8-minute class designed to help young actors approach text with confidence and authenticity, while gaining the skills necessary to make sense of dramatic structure from a performative point of view


Concepts Introduced:

  1. The individual components of large dramatic works
  2. What is an Acting Beat is
  3. What Tactics and Objectives are
  4. How to find where beat shifts go in your dramatic text


Keep In Mind:

  • There is no “right or wrong,” just “good, better, best”
  • Write your text out in long hand
  • Enlarge your text to make it easier to read
  • Always ask, “Who am I?” and “Who am I talking to?”

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