Our Neighborhood

Our Community

Our location in Old City has helped to fuel the economic growth of this vital and historic neighborhood. Over 35 restaurants have opened since we moved here in 1995. Former Philadelphia mayor Ed Rendell (and former Governor of Pennsylvania) said, “When I think of nonprofit organizations that are having a major economic impact on their neighborhoods, none comes to mind sooner than the Arden.”

Community Partners

Arden Theatre Company is pleased to recommend the following community partners:

Bloke’s Barbershop

151 N. 3rd St. | Visit their website

Blokes Barbershop & Gentleman’s Emporium is one of Philadelphia’s finest top-quality men’s grooming destination with the reputation to back it up. 

Level 1 Fitness

111 N 2nd St | Visit their website

Situated in the heart of Old City, Level 1 Fitness offers you an alternative to the typical gym experience and promotes healthy lifestyles and wellness.

NE Flower Boutique

60 N 2nd St | Visit their website

NE Flower Boutique is the premier flower shop for all your flower delivery services. Located in the heart of Philadelphia, this shop and has the freshest flower delivery in the city.

Stay Alfred

866.232.3864 | Visit their website

Stay Alfred is dedicated to helping you feel at home no matter where you are in one of their 33 Cities. Arden patrons get a 15%  discount by using the code: ARDEN