Streaming FAQ

How do I get my ticket? When will I receive access?

Once you have purchased, you will be able to use your unique Order Number (provided in your confirmation email) as your password to watch. If you registered in advance, your instructions were emailed directly to you. Please feel free to contact the box office at or at 215.922.1122.

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How long do I have to watch the production?

Each production streams for two weeks.

Can I stop and start the video?

Yes! However, the video will not keep a record of where you’ve left off when you return. Please make note of your time remaining on the slider at the bottom of the video before stopping.

Can I share these videos with others?

One digital ticket gets your household access to watch / listen. You can watch / listen more than once. You can stop and start. You can even watch / listen on up to two devices. We are thankful to all of our union partners for making this production happen, but as a part of our agreements, there is no sharing outside of your household.

How do I watch it? You have a few options! Here’s how:

  • Computer / Laptop: Follow the instructions in your email. You should have a direct click link that will take you to the appropriate page. NOTE: many computers are able to connect directly to other devices such as TV’s and projectors simply by using an HDMI cord. Interested in learning more about connecting your computer with an HDMI cord? Here’s a step-by-step video!
  • Smart TV: If your TV can access an internet browser, simply type in the URL we provide you from the email sent after registering and enter your unique password.
  • Smart Phone / Tablet: Similar to the computer / laptop options, by accessing your email, you should have a direct click link that will take you to the appropriate page.

Who do I contact with questions?

The most efficient method is to email us at: We’ll be answering technical questions and helping with any login issues. We will get back to you within 24 hours of a submitted request.