Usher Information

Ushers are obligated to perform ALL of the following duties:

  • Arrive at the theatre ONE FULL HOUR before the performance start time. Our House Manager reserves the right to dismiss an usher from his/her assignment if this basic requirement cannot be met.
  • Your usher duties require you to stay throughout the duration of the entire show (most Arden ushering assignments require a 4- 4 1/2 hour time commitment).
  • If you find you cannot honor your ushering commitment, please call to inform us within 24 hours of your scheduled performance. Ushers who repeatedly “no call, no show” will regrettably be removed from the usher list at the theatre’s discretion.
  • Dress is business casual- no jeans or sneakers!
  • Help out during intermission by performing any assignment required by the House Manager.
  • Stay approximately 15-20 minutes following the performance to help pick up trash in the seating area. Performances with post-show discussions (indicated with an asterisk) will run later than performances without a post-show discussion. Ushers must be prepared to stay for the duration and help afterwards.

Call 215.922.1122 for more information.